Thursday, August 27, 2009

The male of the species

I returned my mum's call the night before the night before last. She was still in bed (she works nights). I had a nice chat with my dad.

The night before last she called back, but I was out.

Last night I called. She was out. I had a much shorter chat with my dad.

Tonight, I called. 'She's still not back', he said. I'd forgotten. I thought she'd been at work the previous night, but in fact she is visiting her sister.

My mistake, I said. Do you have anything new to say to me since yesterday?

Not really, he said.

Bye then, I said.


Dads are great.



Anonymous Kate said...

They are indeed! This made me laugh and think of mine. If my Mum is in my Dad usually says about two words - if she's out we usually have a very interesting chat about a lot of things. It's good when she's out (and in of course if I want to speak to her!)

9:38 pm  

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