Thursday, July 09, 2009

A new Particle in development

I am delighted to be able to report that ex-housemate S is up the stick again. 
This is excellent news. Baby Tungsten, marvellous as he is, could benefit from a serious challenge to his current 'I am the centre of the universe and I will glare at you till you agree with me' world view. I know this because I had that world view myself once. Still do, some would say, but there's nothing like having to share to make you buck your ideas up and get devious. 
And given that this is *my* blog and therefore as much all about me as my two year old self was, I look forward to having another baby to talk about. If you're a woman in her 30s, a fair proportion of your peer conversations will be about babies. If you are child free / childless / a tragic barren spinster (delete as per your secret view on this issue), it's a bit of a challenge. It reminds me of the time all my friends were having driving lessons and I was still too young. I spent hours listening to stories of stalling and clutch control and reversing round corners and accidental dual carriageway encounters and I had nothing to say. But I knew I would learn to drive one day (predictably, by the time I did nobody wanted to hear my tales of driving my dad's car into a fence, not even my dad, dammit) and the same cannot be said of pushing one out. 
Enter ex-housemate S. Baby Tungsten has totally delivered for me here. I had the details. I have talked at length about his chucking up, his early love of salt and vinegar crisps (just like his mother!), his first deliberate breakages, his steadfast and admirable refusal to smile on demand. He rocks. 
But he's getting on a bit. The last time we went swimming (possibly the same day the photo linked to above was taken, those are my goggles he is modelling), he stood there in the middle of the changing rooms, pointed at me and shouted 'Jo's nipples!' with the unfettered joy of one who has learnt the name for something interesting since the last time he saw them. He has his own social life now, involving playdates, edutainment and nursery school. We still get on, but I sense our paths will cross less frequently. Which is cool. We'll always have Bracknell Coral Reef. 
And now Particle is on the way. I'm an old hand now. It will all be easier this time. 

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Blogger Spine said...

I thought he said "This looks like a tropical scene and your nipples are like dolphins swimming towards me."

Or am I mixing posts up?

12:16 pm  
Blogger Jo said...

He may have thought that but he's not quite doing full sentences yet.

12:25 pm  

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