Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You're so old

You must be 23
You spent the year
In a drunken frenzy
Lied to your friends
Adopted false ideas
Quit your job
Because it made you crazy

[If you don't know this album, check it out. And I suspect this could be one of those years...]



Blogger Tim said...

Galaxie 500 passed me by, but a friend really liked them. I am missing out?

I've never a year in a drunken frenzy, but I did once spend a fortnight in a Mini Metro. Does that count?

8:38 pm  
Blogger Spine said...

Tim, hi. Yes. No.

7:36 am  
Blogger Jo said...

Tim, Spine is right, you are missing out. Today and On Fire are two of the best albums ever by anyone ever. I have a slight preference for the former, but only slight. I think Beth would like them too...

6:09 pm  
Blogger Beth said...

Looks like it's back to the library then - I've never, to my knowledge, ever even heard them - but I did just borrow 'In the Aeroplane over the sea' because you were praising it recently. And I've got Tom Waits on order...

[If I didn't know better I'd say Tim had been commenting in a drunken frenzy...]

8:36 pm  
Blogger Monkey Mosaic said...

Cool looking cars, too. Though I imagine they steered like a boat.

11:56 pm  

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