Thursday, March 13, 2008

The public wants what the public gets

My friend L had a spare ticket to see Our Friends in the North. I'd had a hard day's radiator-bashing and jumped at the chance. At the very least, I thought, there'll be interval drinks (I *love* interval drinks) and good people-watching. I don't go to the theatre very often.

It's a very, very long play. I was slightly worried by the end of the first half, and remembered the time I went to the theatre with my Significant Ex and his mum and tried to leave in the interval because I thought it was the end.

But the second half was amazing. A depressing message, though: if you try to make the world a better place for everyone, you will be compromised and eventually corrupted, and you will despise what you have become. If you keep your head down and take care of your own, you will find yourself kowtowing to those with more power than you and shitting on those with less, and you will despise what you have become. And if you opt out and follow the winds, you will end up serving the corrupt agendas of others, and despise what you have become.

As the lights came up, they played Things Can Only Get Better, and I shed a little tear for New Labour.

I've been wall to wall Jam ever since.


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