Saturday, December 16, 2006

Stress head

I thought I'd be packed and have my roots done in time to go see Tim & Jeremy's band tonight (sorry Jeremy). Instead I am STILL PACKING despite needing to get the airport bus in six hours, and the last thing to squeeze into the rucksack is the hair dye, as I will be doing it subcontinentally.

Check out the latest bizarre hand luggage arrangements. Who gets to make these things up?

Thankfully, housemate L is hanging around so we don't need to remove all perishables etc, but it's still been a hideous day. Next time I go away I will plan it for the middle of my menstrual cycle so I am not weeping and dropping things and swearing at myself. However I believe we are now packed.

So, in parting, here is my parsnip soup recipe (specially for C, who could use a little comfort...)

2 finely chopped onions
6-8 parsnips, whizzed in food processor or chopped v small
3-4 handfuls red lentils
garam masala
chilli powder
vegetable stock
olive oil

Heat a knob of butter and 2-3 tablespons of olive oil in a heavy bottomed pan, add about a teaspoon of ground garam masala and half a teaspoon each of ground ginger and hot chilli powder, and sweat the onions until they're soft. Add stock (about a litre), parsnips and lentils and cook for 40 mins or so. Serve with sardines on toast.


Right, next update, with luck, will be from Chennai. If I can't be arsed, merry Christmas!


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Anonymous cookie said...

There's a definite mindset thing going on here, last time you talked about sheds I was out clearing mine (its my very own, no interlopers allowed & v v organised) & now on the very day I make golden lentil soup -parsnips not mentioned in title but v much in evidence, you give me your recipe. I'll have a go,soup IS very comforting. Have a fantastic time xx

7:44 pm  
Blogger Jeremy Dennis said...

Ah, you missed a blinder --- but we've gigs lined up for February and March so not to worry! You might miss the fairy lights though. I'm trying to persuade them that they need to come to every gig, but Tim is not so sure ...

4:04 pm  

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